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Movex is the perfect solution for people moving state-to-state. Now, you can make Movex the perfect solution for your business customers!

1. Are you looking for ways to increase business opportunities and revenues?
2. Does your business attract people moving long distances and state-to-state?
3. Are you looking for ways to have access to additional leads?

A great opportunity to grow your business.

No fees to set up the Business Partner Program

It costs you nothing to start up.

Easy to use online interface

Let's you quote and book moves online, fast and easy.

Earn generous commissions

Movex pays you for the transportation you book.

Custom Advertising and Marketing Materials

Purchase customized materials with your business name and contact information at our online store.

Personalized Service from Movex

Call us toll free for training and support.

The Movex Business Partner Program gives you another opportunity to serve your customers by setting up our high-quality transportation services for your clients and associates. Our Online Business Partner Interface gives you the ability to create quotes, set up moves, and earn a generous share of revenue for doing so. Its user-friendly capabilities make it easy!

When you set up Movex customers, our staff will manage the entire move process. Movex is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

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Moving Company
Storage Facility Manager or Owner
DITY/Military Mover
Third Party Relocation Services Provider


Movex provides multiple opportunities for Moving Companies like yours to create business opportunities.

Have you ever turned away a move because the customer was moving too far a distance? Movex has you covered! Use Movex as your transportation provider (using our patented Online Business Partner Interface) and you set up the labor at origin and destination. Just like that, you have put together a move for your customer that you may have had to pass on before.

If you are a hauler, we can also involve you in our carrier network (DOT hauling authority and proper insurance required) to haul other self service shipments.

Finally, since Movex is unable to service in-state moves, you can be placed on our list as an "In State Service Provider" to service our in-state inquiries.

Don't lose potential customers-set them up with America's Premier Self-Service Mover, Movex!


If you have customers moving out of state, they may not want to drive a rental truck or do not want to pay the high cost of a full service mover. Movex provides them an affordable alternative. By using our Online Business Partner Interface, you will have the ability to quote and book moves right on the internet. If you have a customer moving out of state, you have a perfect Movex candidate.

As if that was not enough, Movex generates hundreds of moving inquiries every day, and with that, many of those individuals will need storage services. As part of our Business Partner Program, Movex will provide those incoming storage leads to you, giving you the ability to add customers to your facilities.


If you are in the military, you know how often service personnel are transferred. We also know that once you move with Movex, you are a customer for life! We want to partner with you to help other DITY movers. Using our patented Online Business Partner Interface, you can arrange moves for your friends and co-workers and receive a generous share of the revenue.

Because so many people prefer a do-it-yourself move, Movex is the perfect solution. Because the government pays a percentage of what they would have had to pay, the shipper can make money on their DITY move by using Movex. Movex is an approved DITY option and we provide weight tickets on all DITY shipments upon request at no additional charge.


As a third party representative using the Movex Online Business Partner interface, Movex will provide outstanding service for your customers and a generous share of the revenue of every move you book. Whether you specialize in corporate moves, or if you handle your company's transfers, Movex offer a cost-effective way to move.

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