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Moving with Movex saves you money...

On Moving Charges
Your moving charge is based on the space your shipment uses in the trailer. You control your moving costs by packing and loading your items yourself. Shipments are charged by the space used, not by the weight – thereby eliminating guesswork and price differences.

On Travel Costs
Using the professional services of a Movex driver provides you with the freedom of not having to spend the time transporting your shipment to a new location. This ultimately saves you time on the road and reduces the additional expenses you would incur, such as hotel and meal costs.

Moving with Movex saves you Time...

On Driving
When Movex is transporting your shipment, you are not wasting long, boring and difficult hours on the road. You do not have to worry about adverse weather, poor road conditions or a slow, uncomfortable rental truck that may only average 50 miles per hour.

Moving with Movex gives you peace of mind...

Regarding Last Minute Moving Details
While your shipment is being transported, you have more time to take care of any last minute tasks or responsibilities.

And Eliminates Stress
When Movex is transporting your shipment, you do not have to worry about flat tires, tolls or mechanical failures such as transmission or engine blowouts. Breaking down or being involved in an accident is stressful when it involves your own car. However, it is much more stressful when it happens in a rental truck with all of your possessions loaded in the back.

Because of the Company’s Strength
Movex has been successfully moving customers since 2000. Since its inception, Movex has built a world-class network of the most reliable and experienced transportation service providers in the United States.

Movex is backed by...

Company Reliability and Convenience
Movex is a leader in self-service moving and has moved thousands of satisfied customers from coast to coast. The trailer with your belongings is driven and cared for by experienced, professional drivers who are operating well-maintained, reliable and insured trucks.

Personal Service
Movex understands the stress associated with the moving process. Our team of moving experts works side-by-side with you to ensure personalized service and expert advice. Movex offers a variety of moving services and we work with you to find the best relocation solution for your needs.

Learn how much you can save when Movex is driving. Let Movex show you how simple and stress-free your move can be click here for a fast, free, no-obligation quote.

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